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Don Canoli

Ran by Aielman.

He was raised as an orphan by a ex paladin in a church (he was permanently injured in a battle a long time ago and turned to running a church as a way to stay close to God) he saw my dedication to my faith and to my friends when I tried to fight someone twice my age - and a skilled swordsman at that - to protect someone else in the town I barely knew. Deciding it would be better to train me rather then get beat up again he brought me back to the church and raised me. My single minded determination and slow wit never left, but I grew into a fearsome fighter into my own right, eventually forcing the bully to leave me and my friends alone rather then face my wrath, even though he hated me for it.

He discovered in passing from someone at the church my parents may be alive and has left his mentor and town to find them.


High Justice, high rage, low intelligence.






Mentor's name is Fiasco Amtaro
Father is Adelai
Mother is and Eilonwy
friends - Kenny, Joffree, and Kara
Kara is Kenny's little sister
Jax is the name of the bully
he has a couple friends to hang around them, but my character isn't smart enough to remember their names


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