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Level 3

Save the Sister


Navier found Kyrie and begged for help in search of her sister who's been missing since earlier that morning. They went to leave the city and Kaiden warned about going out into the forest, warning about what their superiors discussed earlier that week. They went anyway and Kaiden accompanied them in search of the sister. While searching, Kaiden got lost and Kyrie took over. They ended up finding the sister in a tree around three in the afternoon, finding the grey wolf awakened and extremely hostile trying to attack her. After coming up with the plan, Kaiden was going to distract the wolf while Kyrie and Navier went to rescue the sister. However, fate was not o their side and they made too much noise and had the wolf charging at them. Kaiden shot at the wolf but it was no use. Navier casted sleep but it was not effective. She tried a different spell and casted illusion, creating an illusion of the grey wolf, it created the wolf to be temporarily confused. While the wolf was distracted, Navier used detect magic and saw that the wolf had something evil warping the wolf

Investigate the Wolf


After returning from the wolf incident, the city guards at the gate gives a hard time to Kyrie, Navier, Sara, and Kayden for being outside the gate after sundown.Kyrie bids good night and heads off. Navier thanks Kyrie and scolds Sara for scaring her half to death. Kyrie walks Navier and her sister to their home. The next morning Johann Seabasstion , the Captain of the city guard, requests a report from Kayden and Kyrie. Upon hearing nothing more about the creature's strange behaviors, Johann Seabasstion inquires about Navier. Kyrie was ordered to go and find her, after the captain learned of her usefulness in search of her sister. After searching her home, Kyrie didn't find her there, Kayden then suggested to go to the market to search for her. Kyrie finds her on the river bank and brings her to the captain. She informs him of her findings from the detect magic spell, he offers her a job as a city guard which she accepts. The Captain informs them about the different creatures and what's been changed in the certain creatures - something he calls “The Corrupted”, noting that they all have purple eyes and are all exhibiting behaviors. The orders from the captain was to explore the last known locations of the creatures and try to bring back a sample, dead or alive. They decide to go back after the wolf and try to capture it or bring its body back for investigation

Search for the Wolf


Kyrie and Navier decide to go after the wolf, also known as “The Corrupted”. Navier seeks additional information from Johann Seabasstion and learns that the corrupted have inhanced speed, intelligence, and attack. Kyrie and Navier decide to go searching for the wolf, and they try to retrace their steps. As they are searching, attempting to retrace their steps, they run out of time and set up camp for the night. Kyrie offers to take first watch and Navier goes to sleep. The watch goes smoothly and they switch out, Navier watch also goes smoothly. No traces of the wolf, the next day they don't find anything for the first few hours. There are traces that it was there but its hard to track. Around noon, Kyrie finds a track, a foot print of an animal. Navier finds nothing and Kyrie drags her over and shows her the foot print and tells her to check her eyes cause that's clearly a foot print. They follow the trail but eventually lose the trail. Around four in the afternoon, Navier finds the trail and continues to follow it but its unclear how old the trail is. Its been about ten hours worth of searching and they decide to rest for the night and set up their camp for the night. Navier takes first watch, but she got really close to fall asleep and she didn't notice it sneak into the camp.

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