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Level 3

Fight 1

In the middle of a speech by Johann Schmitt someone shoots him with a Crossbow bolt, killing him instantly. An unknown stranger comes onto stage, announces that something is just beginning, and zombies come out and begin to attack the gathered guests.

Location:Center Hall


Activities After

Falminus investigates the death, believes the assassination was done by Momento Mori, a underground group of assassins that tend to take on high profile targets. The group gets asks to investigate. They accept and head off to Zarmaq the next day

Fight 2

On the Kelkwon Road to Zarmaq the group stops to sleep for the night, however while setting up camp, a black 2 tailed panther appears. Don Canoli, upset at the prospects of not getting his beauty sleep, Vows his enmity against the beast and charges in, smashes it with his halberd, dropping its blur. After a few rounds of combat, the rogue, Kristiana, fires a crossbow bolt through its eye, finishing it. The party finishes the night with a bit of a party, using the unconscience Bastion aka the GrillMaster 2000 as an improvised grill to cook their supper.

Location: Kelkwon Road


Activities After

The next morning they head off to Zarmaq.

The next day the party follows Bastions silent suggestion to head to Zarmaq. They arrive at the town without incident and are allowed to pass through the city gates. Upon entry a Dwarf points them to the Guild Hall as a place that may offer the opportunity for some gambling, which is where they were hunting for in order to try to pick up some information about the Mori. Unfortunately the Guild Hall ended up being not as inviting as they hoped, requiring some sort of event in a dirt pit in order to get much information or even acceptance from the group. They are told to come back tonight.

That night they enter the guild again where Keller finds them and informs them that before they can continue they will need to take a turn in the pit. With very little information forthcoming the group eventually gives in and climbs into the pit. Keller asks each of them what their skill set is. Bastion shows off his strength. Kristiana flips off the ropes and then tries to slip something off of Don Canoli's belt twice, but she is caught and picked up by her scruff and told to cut that out. Don then explains how he has a special kinda of intelligence. Kithaura casts a spell. For each of these, Keller taps on a post multiple times and then tells each to grab a corner, he then tells each to grab a corner. After they do the crowd erupts in cheers and jeers, Keller lets them know that they will be placed in guilds after considering their various skills and they will be told tomorrow where they have been placed. Don Canoli asks around about the various guilds including the Momento Mori.

The next day, the group is split into their various guilds. Bastion goes to Slayers. Kristiana goes to the Silvered Bowstrings. Don Canoli is sent to the Slayers as well. Kithaura is sent to Arcane's End. On the way out of town they are stopped by Dan who questions them about the fact they were asking about the Momento Mori, informing them that they are a dirty group and not to be trusted. He also mentions that the Momento Mori may be operating with a local guild, possibly the Arcane's End.

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